tide·​land ≈
UK:* /ˈtaɪdˌlænd/   US:* (tïd'land')

land alternatively exposed and covered by the ordinary ebb and flow of the tide

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Meet us at Siljangade 1, G19 - 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
About Tideland
We are exploring the intersection of architecture and technology to craft immersive stories and experiences.
We work with architecture and experience design. Our projects and research strive to articulate immersive and articulated spatial experiences by creating stories that strengthen our understanding of and connection to a given problem. We do this by combining interdisciplinary collaborations and embracing the newest possibilities within technology.
We navigate the borderland between experience and science. We seek solutions to challenges by using deep research, storytelling and technology as driving forces in all of our projects. 

Our vision is to unite spatial experiences with deep learning. We do this by working with research, communication and design as equal components in the design process. We are experimenting with the boundaries between the physical and digital in a time where it is increasingly fluid. Scanning technologies, virtual worlds and digital fabrication hold fantastic opportunities to explore places, create empathy and bring new perspectives to our surroundings. 

We always have experience as a central part of our process, enabling our design to promote and engage the body physically and sensually. This allows us, whether in nature, the city or the private sphere, to create experiences, architecture and designs that help strengthen our relationship with the place, its identity and the relationship with others.
Meet our team
  • Jonas Swienty Andresen
    Architect MAA
  • Simon Strøyer
    Architect MAA
  • jonas@tidelandstudio.dk

  • simon@tidelandstudio.dk
Awards and Grants
2022 - Award: "Best new Practice 2023" by Archdaily
2022 - Grant: Research funding in large scale 3D printing, William Demant Fonden
2022 - Grant: Work grant, Danish Art Foundation
2022 - Award: Honorable mention, IKEA H20 temporary nature dwellings
2022 - Grant: Dreyers Foundation grant for new architectural practices
2021 - Grant: Project grant, Danish Art Foundation
2021 - Grant: Travel grant, Danish Art Foundation and Dreyers Fond
2021 - Award: 1st place open competition, Urban space and artwork, Aarhus
2021 - Award: The Bartlett Medal, Bartlett School of Arhictecture
2021 - Grant: Work grant, the Danish Arts Foundation
2021 - Grant: Work grant, Jonathan Spiers Scholarship fund
2021 - Award: Highly commended / Narrative Award, Drawing of the year af Archisource
2020 - Award: Director’s Choice, HOME competition 2020
2020 - Grant, Verner Overgaards Familiefond
2020 - Award: The CEBRA award
2018 - Award: Third place, ADEDU Waterfront competition
Exhibitions and Lectures
2022 - Lecture: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
2022 - Publication: Essay in HMWRK, Yale University Press
2022 - Exhibition: Archive of Endangered Spaces, Norse Projects Store, Copenhagen
2022 - Exhibition: Archive of Endangered Spaces, ON-SITE gallery, Aarhus
2022 - Debate: 100%Green at Open Architecture day, Aarhus School of Architecture
2022 - Publication: New Ark in Landskab
2022 - Publication: Essay in KÅRK Magazine
2022 - Debate: Terrae with KÅRK magazine, Copenhagen
2022 - Course: Fragments and Imprints at Aarhus School of Architecture
2020 - Exhibition:  Failure, Aarhus